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Sexuality: essentially bisexual, his soulmate is his SOULmate, not his gendermate, silly.


Height: six foot one inch and a half

Tainted Soul

Tainted Soul Origin: unknown, probably from a rather free spirit, since.. wind and all. he probably just accidentally happened upon it as one died near him.

Now, I need to..explain his soul thingie a bit.

he heals people with wind. but not like "LOLWHOAH HE RAISED THE DEAD" he can only heal small wounds, clean breaks in broken bones, et cetera.

Weakness: his weakness is that he needs to keep moving, he's..unable to stay in one place the rest of his life, his spirit won't allow it. if he even spends one night in the same place? he feels like he can't breathe, temperature rises, gets the shakes. he neeeds to keep moving. like wind. that's a pretty bad crutch lol. especially if there's only one hotel or something in town.

...his ts really isn't all that helpful is it lol.

another note on weaknesses: His species big crutch is that they're obsessed with roses. he finds black roses irresistable, so if you know anything about his species and want to get something out of him? tempt him with roses.

Personal History

Personality: He's always moving, therefore since he's always moving? he doesn't keep friends well, or aquantances, he's like moving wind, constantly going. He's elusive, and on a never ending quest for knowledge. he's also rather rude at times, because he likes outsmarting people. He's also a bit odd, since he likes to ramble on about greek mythology. He's agressive in his learning, but passive towards friendship, and has a deep desire to cause mischief.

History: He's had this ts since he was young, so.. he's always been moving. Always..going. he's a traveling artist, so he's remembered many people and many faces. though he's a great artist, people soon forget about him after he finishes their painting. So..he's mostly been wandering. Currently he was going to go back to Arcona, to see if he could stand staying someplace he hasn't seen in a little while. he wanted to test his limits.


Neutral, Kingdom, or Deru: Neutral. he thinks all this fighting is silly
Thoughts on Deru: he feels bad for the man, being cooped up somewhere, supposedly in the mountans. but he believes holding whatever grudge he's holding is just grounding him. so in his honest opinion he thinks the man is rather foolish.


Pet: he's got a parrot! 8D it's..just a little blue parrot. he loves her<3
Additional: for his species, he's obsessed with black roses. ...I think I'll also put this in weaknesses lol.

...I think I have everything, guise. D: I'm not gonna try to submit my app or anything till they approve his species though..




Latin Mortuuse and viscus. Dead Heart.


their heart is somewhat..frozen in time. or dead. whichever, since birth,and to sustain themselves, they need to feed on positive energy. ...sucking the love out of people. Love could be the love of a family, the love of a mother and child.. but what they crave is to steal the love of a couple. they're born with a black mark where their heart is. they literally create cheating bastards!

they end up longing for love they can actually feel after awhile though, finding their soulmate would.. start their heart going a little, and since it hadn't been used their whole life... there'd be stagnant fluids leaving the body through the eyes and heart wound. they look a little scary when lovestruck<3

they also are like imps, and like causing mayhem. but.. if you can give one what they reeaaally love? then yeah, they'd have to be your slave. like roses. they have an odd obsession with roses. they'll do whatever you say. so..get your rose garden ready, folks.

...or if they fall for you, you have an oozey lovestruck imp on your hands LOL.

therefore they are most depressing/amusing/kind of
adorable creatures evar.

a note: the horn on the side of their heads can only be the colour of roses. ie, white, red, black. ..hell, maybe blue. and the colour of their horn signifies what rose they CANNOT RESIST.
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