:: Death Regin :: Picture

Song: Lunar Sanctum / The March of Mephisto / The Hunting ( Somewere in Time) - Kamleot
Amount of Time: I don`t know. I worked on and off.
Weapons Used: o.7 mechanical pencil, inking pens, PSP


Happy V-Day to me. Yes a picy of my beloved "bf" ( accodring to my friends, since am so obssesed with him ) the Roman God of Death, Mors. ( Thanatos in Greek )

I changed the scythe desing from the one that was originaly in the sketch I had uploaded here. Accdiently the Scythe desing seems to have a moon, that fits in a way to symbolize Somnus or Hypno the God of Sleep and Mors`twin brother. Butterflys....there Mors`symbol. I drew him holding the Earth on that hand since some ppl draw the Grim Reaper like that at times. So yes...Death is everywere on the world....fitting indeed....

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