Hypnos and Thanatos Picture

This little image is a redraw of one I did 1.5 years ago.
It's here if you want to see it...

I wanted to redraw something I'd done a long time ago. That image was probably one of my worst for that year. But I love Greek Mythology so I'm still interested in the subject.
It's not hard to see how I've improved. xD

I thought it was logical to make the pair age a bit themselves (though they jumped from like 12 to 18 in a year and a half lol) I also played around with the composition for a while. I was thinking about putting death in front of sleep, but the I realized that Sleep usually comes before Death.

Anyway, I'd be delighted to hear what you think, I'm happy with the change and I may do this in another 1.5 years to see how much better I've gotten.
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