Thanatos and Hypnos Picture

Thanatos & Hypnos. Twin brothers and gods of death and dreams, respectively, and they are the children of the gods of night and the dark. Says a lot about how the ancient Greeks interpreted sleep and death.

Thanatos gets a butterfly because butterfly means soul and so it's one of his symbols. Hypnos gets poppies around his feet because they make you sleepy (ask Dorothy). When reading the summary for Thanatos, I got the feeling that he was introduced as a nasty god, something easy for mortals to hate, but eventually ended up being portrayed pretty sympathetically (you don't just give anybody a butterfly). If he were hated toward and by gods and mortals he must have gotten lonely, maybe his twin brother was his only companion. It seems that later he became associated with a good death, like a peaceful one.

And Hypnos struck me as a spoiled kid at naptime!
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