+Bonds of Death+ Picture

Again me-as I promised to you and myself this time I drew a *cough cough* bishie <_< >_>'''

It's dedicated again to *anikakinka since surprisingly she likes him...And she drew a sexy fanart of him for me once *_*.

Back to the picture...

Imaginary conversation:
Somebody: Why don't you draw boys?
Usada; Because I can't =_='''
Somebody: Come on. I'm sure you can.
Usada; No, I can't. Look at my latest deviation with that strange looking bishie...
Somebody: ............. ............. o__O Isn't that a girl?!!!!! *thought it was*

LOL XD Ok. Now you know the reason why I draw mostly girls- Usada s rather skill-less at drawing boys XD'''. However I tried my best with this one.

The supposed-to-be-bishie is my OC Thanatos (the same as in [link] and [link] ).

Thanatos is the god of death in Greek mythology. In my own story he doesn't come each time somebody dies. In recent times his duty is to take a resistant soul who doesn't want to leave the human world.
I came to free your pitiful soul from the prison of your body or something like that- these are words he says everytime he is called to take the soul with him.
Thanatos is rather a quiet person but he can get annoyed very quickly. He is very ambitious and that's why he gets mad when he can't take Mizuki's soul.

I dunno if there is anybody interested in my story so I 'll better stop here 8],

Media used: mechanical pencil, Adobe Photoshop, Mayang textures

P.S. It's my first attemp to draw a picture with such color scheme and with such a difficult pose so please forgive me all the mistakes I could made
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