Thanatos Picture

That took me forever -.- To the point that I was at the edge of giving up on this contest for several times. But the amount of Grim Reapers here frustrated me, so basically I made this to make the difference that there is more than one death god in this world.

At first I wanted to draw Anubis (he's my favourite god generally) with drawing ink (a real one) but then I got ill and with all this sneezing and coughing I concluded that it wouldn't be a great idea to draw with ink in such state. I tried to replicate my idea digitally, drew a sketch... And after 3 hours concluded that I couldn't draw it digitally, and deleted it. Then was one more Anubis idea, but it failed. Then I switched to Thanatos (who is my second favourite god of death) and deleted the first sketch of him. And finally I made this, several times restraining myself from deleting it in the process.

Anyway, Thanatos, the Greek god of death. He isn't featured much in myths and all what is known about him, is that he had dark hair, black wings and a sword which absorbed the "cut" souls. I tried to show it while the rest was random fantasy inspired by Alucard from "Castlevania". I made him a bit fading, since death isn't something material that we can touch or taste, to give him a more "spirited" feeling.

Drawn in Easy Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Hope you will like it
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