epic - hypnos thanatos Picture

ughghghg. tried to ink. pencil and then inked with a dip pen. i think it's a maru pen. i could just ask roommates wtf that nib is called is but i'm lazy. too lazy to speak words.

anyways i suck at inking. really hard. i'm trying though.

a long time ago i was going to make a comic about the iliad called "epic" so things with that caption are related to that. even though it's an abandoned project, i still like drawing things from it. so maybe one day, when i'm actually able, i'll have a stockpile of crap to draw from.

hypnos and thanatos are the gods of sleep and death respectively, and twin brothers, i thought i'd do them with opposite skin/hair colors. thanatos is described as being "black" but i think that's more a metaphor... but i'm an asshole. i was considering wings-on-back ([link]) and i still haven't decided if i prefer wings-on-head.
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