Thanatos Picture

EDIT: I thought it was just my laptop monitor, but apparently something had gone terribly wrong in saving the file and the colours just became off. So hereby there's the TRUE version of Thanatos, now with the colours like they were intended.

I drew this guy once a long time ago when I was drawing Gods in suits ([link] and it took me nearly a year to draw him again, but presenting: THANATOS.

God of gentle death and the one who guides the sould to the underworld. Hence the butterfly, which was a symbol for souls in ancient Greece (Hence Psyche and butterflies). He was also winged, I gave him the wings of a Barn Owl since they were associated with death. Also he's handsome specifically to lure souls with him. It works for both genders since the Greeks actively practiced homosexuality as well as the fact that the athletic youth was seen as the most perfect form of the body. Poppies and the Theta were also symbols of him.

This image is prone to some powerful colour distortion between my desktop and my laptop. My desktop, where it was drawn, shows his skin as a warm mocha sort of dark (I envision him very dark Brazilian for some reason) while my laptop makes him full-out BLACK. Which is not where I was going with him. I guess I just have to hope that my laptop's a tool.

Art and character (c) *TheDutchesse

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