Muses! (my style) Picture

I'm back with fantage! These are the Greek Muses in my style. In order:
-Calliope (the green one) muse of epic poetry
-Clio (the red one) muse of history
-Erato (the pink/light red one) muse of love poetry
-Euterpe (the one with pink dress and brown hair) muse of music and lyric poetry
-Melpomene (the blue one) muse of tragedy
-Polyhymnia (the black one) muse of mymic
-Terpsichore (the yellow one) muse of dance
-Thalia (the orange one) muse of comedy
-Urania (the purple one) muse of astronomy (I have thought to draw on her two constellations:Ursa major and Cygnus)
Hope you like it!
(c) Copyright of muses artwork by me PLEASE DON'T STEAL
credits to fantage
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