a lion in the city of wolves Picture

You all have already met Major Aaron Vanderwaal, one of the main characters from my new story, but he's so beautiful I really wanted to draw a good picture of him.

He's the third oldest son of Councilman Anders Vanderwaal, Lord of Capetown. He is the last of his siblings born in South Africa. Though he grew up mostly in Thila, the capital of the European Empire (which would be located somewhere in what we would consider Switzerland), he is most famous for fighting in the African Wars.

The symbol of the Vanderwaal family is the lion, certainly appropriate for their domain. Thalia, on the other hand, is sometimes called the City of Wolves for three reasons: because of its connection to the mythological founding of Rome, its location in the mountains, and because the sorcerers who rule from the city are sometimes called "wolves" as a derogatory term.

Although he might not seem like it, Aaron is not like the other sorcerers of Thila. He's noble and brave and honorable and has very little political ambition (which is rare for a powerful sorcerer). Also he's super dreamy.

Anyway, I drew him in his officer's coat with some made up decorations on his epaulettes. The symbol there is the symbol of Europa: The crown (King), the sword (Humans) and the torch (Sorcerers).

Sorry for the babbling. I PUT A LOT OF THOUGHT INTO THIS GUYS. Anyway, I hope you like him, I spent a lot of time working on this since I haven't really done much digital painting in a while.
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