Flora and Fauna Picture

These are two more Pokemon OCs - Flora and Fauna. Seventeen-year-old sisters Flora Aglaia Calliope and Fauna Thalia Antigone d'Hautpoul are both of noble birth. As you can tell by their names, their parents thought mythological names sounded classy (Flora and Fauna are from Roman mythology; the rest are from Greek mythology). Their father was Hugues, the 16th Duke d'Hautpoul. Their mother is Clorinda Bouvier. Flora and Fauna are identical twins who distinguish themselves by their bows. Flora's is blue and Fauna's is green.

Flora and Fauna prefer to dress in Lolita fashion. They are both high-strung, talkative girls. They secretly dislike Clorinda's tight-laced lifestyle and wish they could go out and live like normal teenagers. They think that being the daughters of aristocrats really sucks and would love to seek out boyfriends (or a boyfriend; they have twin threesome fantasies). While Flora and Fauna plan their escape from the haughty highbrow life, they meet Calem and Serena. Naturally, Calem and Serena find the two girls very annoying. But they're willing to help them get away from Clorinda.

Flora and Fauna are both Pokemon Trainers - they each have a Floette, but in different colors. Flora's is red and Fauna's is white.

(I got their names from one of Judy Blume's books. It was one of the Fudge books - Peter and Fudge had annoying second cousins who were twins and their names were Flora and Fauna. Those twins also had repressive parents, only theirs were wannabe hippies.)

UPDATE: I have edited their biographies since Pokemon X and Y came out. I changed their ages and their Flabebe into Floette.
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