The Spider's Daughter Picture

Full Name: Silvie Blackwell
Nicknames: Spider Girl, Silk, Webs, Arachne Girl
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Birth Date: May 19, 1998
Condition: Alive
Birthplace: Unknown, put into Orphanage
Current Residence: Camp Half Blood
Race: Half-Monster, Half-Human

Height: 5'5
Weight: 127
Eyes: Lime Green
Hair: Short Cinnamon Colored Hair
Skin: Average Caucasian Skin
Distinguishing Characteristics: 8 Spider Legs on her back
Usual Attire: Brown Hooded Jacket, Blue Jeans, CHB T-Shirt
Accessories: Twin Celestial Bronze Daggers on a Sheath both on each leg, Tanto Blade "Epivlavís (Noxious)"


Personality Traits: Kind, Quiet, Friendly, Shy, Thoughtful, Courageous at the right moments, Easily Hurt
Dislikes: Bullies, People Killing Insects (Especially Spiders), Her Mother, Athena, Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue, Armageddon
Likes: Her Friends, Making New Friends, Music, Playing the Ocarina, Spider's, Dr.Pepper, Capture the Flag, Learning, Arekkusu Kenshi
Greatest Fears/Phobias: Not Being Accepted, Friends in Danger, Judged by Appearance
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Free Roaming in the Forest, Taking Pictures

Color- Apple Green
Food- Smores
Place- Dining Pavilion
Animal- Black Widow Spider or Spitting Spider
Clothing- Brown Hoodie
School Subject- English
Music (genre)- Various Hit Songs between 1967 and 2000, favorite song; O-O-H Child by The Five Stairsteps…
Books (genre)- Fiction, Fantasy, Sometimes Non-fiction
Movies (genre)- Comedy, Action
Season- Spring
Holiday- Christmas

Least Favorites:
Color- Doesn't
Food- Spinach
Place- The Orphanage, Her Foster Parents House
Animal- Cats
Clothing- Doesn't
School Subject- Math
Music (genre)- Heavy Metal
Books (genre)- Horror
Movies (genre)- Horror and Romance
Season- Summer (Can't go to the Beach due to her appearance)


Brief Description: Grew up in a Orphanage, Never knew her father, Her mother is Arachne, Only has a few close friends, Her crush is dating her best friend, Everyday is a struggle for acceptance, Tries to keep her chin up and see the best in everything, She was a normal girl and liked by everyone at CHB but when she became Arachne's child and grew her spider legs everyone feared her.
Long-term Goals: Find Happiness
Short-term Goals: Make Friends, Acceptance
What does she think of herself? Shy Girl that everyone's afraid of.
If she could have one wish, what would it be? To know her father.
What other wishes does she have? Be demigod like her friends.
How did your character die if they did? Taking a hit to save a life.
Prized Possession: Photo of her father, her fathers ocarina, Tanto Blade that Arekkusu gave her for her birthday.
Religion/Beliefs: Polytheism, but starts to suspect about gods from different mythologies
Political Preference: Doesn't care
Darkest Secret: Thinks of taking her life to save herself from her own misery, Hates watching couples because no one will want her as a lover, Hates the other campers for what she calls a "false greeting" then fear and try to kill her.
Guilty Pleasures: Dr. Pepper
Does he/she keep a diary or journal? No


Family Living With: Foster father, mother, sister and dog
Family Situation: Family mistreats her except the dog until the father beat it till it learned not to go near her.
Former Friends: The dog
Current Friends: Arekkusu, Quorra, Melonie, Axel, Oberon, Dade, Cynthia, Thalia Grace, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Nico di Angelo, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque
Former Love Interest: None
Current Love Interest: Arekkusu Kenshi
Former Enemies: None
Current Enemies: Arachne, Athena, Armageddon
Losses: Depends on the loss
What does she think of people? Everyone's the same but believes there are a few good people
What do people think of her? A Monster
What do her friends like about her? Her personality, kindness, loyalty, dependence
What do her friends dislike about her? Nothing
Why do her enemies hate her? She's a monsters daughter (Campers, Annabeth since she fought Arachne and fell to Tartarus because of her, Athena), fights for the gods (Armageddon & Arachne)
Popularity among Peers: If she had gone to high school she would have been a loner
Occupation: CHB Border Patrol
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Virgin? Yes
Killed anyone? Monsters, few Armageddon members, Her mother
Would you and your character get along? I like to believe so
Would you like to hang out with your character? Yes I would
Would your character like you? I would like to think so


Achievements: Helped defeat Armageddon, Helped the Hunters of Artemis defeat Arachne, Prevent the rise of Erebos, Helped saved CJ, Defeated her "True Self"
Failures: Failed to save Quorra and Arekkusu, Lost a fight against her encounter with her "True Self"
Education: CHB
Abilities/Powers: Spider Abilities; Wall Climb, Web Generating & Shooting, Enhanced Human Condition & Senses, Agile, Summon & Control Spiders, Can see what the spider's around her can see but only one at a time and has to concentrate, can sense vibrations from the ground and from her webs with her spider legs, Enhanced Reflexes.
Skills: Dagger combat, When giving her Tanto Blade was taught Ninjutsu & Aikido by Arekkusu, also Medical knowledge
How strong is she? Strength wise, a little super human (able to leap on rooftops and jump from tree branch to tree branch)
How high is her IQ? Around average
What would her average grades in school be? Doesn't attend but in the B+ range on average

Sorry if I put a little too much but I wanted to try describing Silvie the best way possible. After a lot of thinking I decided to make a fanfiction series about Silvie, something different instead of a heroic demigod. All the other Percy Jackson OC's I made I still will use but their roles or personalities might be changed. As you can see the named of her series is called "The Spider's Daughter".
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