Sailor Goddesses 2.0 Picture

They updated the Sailor Senshi Maker earlier this year- the one I made the original Sailor Goddesses with- and I've been going NUTS with it. I rembered how popular the Sailor Goddesses on my old account *NekoMimiStudios* were (Still bewildered as to why) and decided to throw the new ones together and do this hunk o crap. They're in order of when I made em, so.... yup.

~Sailor Persephone
~Sailor Hekate and her nameless cat - I'll put info of her up eventually since I love her character. I wish I could've put her pet raven in, too,
~Sailor Eris
~Sailors Hera and Demeter
~Sailor Artemis and her also-nameless kitty
~Sailor Rhea- I'm not to wild about how she turned out.

~Sailor Athena
~Sailors Melpomone and Thalia- the Muses of Tragedy and Comedy! They're an interesting duo- inseparable, though their relationship is questionable. *MelMel has a crush on Thalia, but that's a looooong story*
~Sailors Isis and Nephthys
~Sailors Styx and Lethe- VERY new characters. Lethe's obviously not too smart (being forgetfulness) and is a complete klutz, but she's so damn likeable! And Styx.... she's just VERY complicated. For the record, both of them actually have fog for hair and Styx's skin is dark grey while Lethe's is blue.
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