Percy Jackson OC meme - Kitty Picture

I hope I wrote everything right... I always totally misspell things on memes xD
Thank you for the picture about Kitty for PaboNyannie! I still love it so much!! >.<

Here is Kitty's PJO OC meme. In her first book (Pandora's box) she is 15 years old, that happen after her 2nd school year in high school, on the summer. She is daughter of Hades, and she have some special abilities, example she always driving all gods crazy, the goddesses mostly don't like her (except Hestia and Artemis... and of course underworld goddesses like Persephone and Hecate)... xD Okay, so she mostly use her power she can move the earth, but she can see and talk to ghosts and also can open cave to the underworld (It's sometimes just a big crack in the earth. She use it a lot of times when she fight). She is really short (like me >.< I'm only 152 cm .__.) and she have long red hair, pale skin and big black circles under her eyes. And I'm isn't a really skinny girl, but I think it's fit to a fighter girl character.
She love rock music and when I created her my favorite band was Nightwish (I still love them but I listening to more FOB now xD), so in the first book that is her favorite too. But she also like Green Day (they would be good friends with Thalia ;D), Evanescence, the Pretty Reckless, Bon Jovi, Panic at the disco!, Fall out boy, Adam Lambert, Florence and the Machine, Halestorm and a lot of old music (Joan jett; Queen xD
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