PJATO: Son of Hades Picture

I'm totally obsessed with this now. c:
It's probably a little healthier for my brain to be obsessed with this, though, rather than Avatar. Greek mythology is good learning stuff.

Now, I know Hades isn't supposed to have kids, but in the role play I'm doing, he has one. That would be Keiran, this little guy up here. I figured that Hades wouldn't want to be left out of the fatherhood-of-the-(not-supposed-to-exist)-illegitimate-children-club. Poseidon and Zeus both have one (Thalia and Percy, respectively), so why shouldn't he?

NOTE:: I am totally new to coloring things digitally with vectors, so forgive me if it looks a little boring. I'm still not sure what I'm doing, exactly. Lol.

You can probably expect more art of Keiran coming soon. I really like this character.

Oh, and Hades is definitely Disney-inspired. xD

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