Percy Jackson - One last time Picture

I'm not dead but kind of busy 'cause my Bachelor thesis is up this semester and I have to apply for masters. Sooo don't fret, I'm alive but taking my time to do stuff because I have more important things to do.

SO! To the point of this picture.

The Percy Jackson books are officially over. "The Blood of Olympus" is out and I read it already and now I, too officially completely the last book and I'm drowning in sadness but am also thankful. Thankful to the fandom and thankful to Rick Riordan, because he wrote such wonderful books and the last one was a wonderful wrap-up and I just love him as an author. I also look forward to the Norse Mythology books that will come out next year. Still, this is my spot to say thank you. With PJO guiding me, I have come from this: Poseidon by Kat-Anni, Nov 11, 2010 in Fan Art > Digital Art > Drawings > Books & Novels" data-super-img="" data-super-width="771" data-super-height="1037" data-super-transparent="false" data-super-full-img="" data-super-full-width="1024" data-super-full-height="1377">
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