Malcom Picture

KaKAO/ATC #110

Why ain't there any Malcom fanart?°A° If it wasn't for Quintus he would be my favorite Athena kid. Too bad I screwed th proportions on this card. At least I love the background.....

First 23:[link]

Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Nico, Rachel, Tyson, Thalia, Clarisse, Silena, Beckendorf, Bianca, Zoë, Quintus&Mrs. O'Leary, Katie, Chris, Luke, Ethan, Stolls, Pollux+Castor, Michael, Lee, Calypso, Blackjack, Malcom, Chiron
Leo, Piper, Jason
Hades, Hera, Artemis & Apollo
More to come- someone you want to see? Tell me!
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