tmnt femme version-mike Picture

this will go to scraps some day... when it gets embarassing enought maybe n_n;
*ahem* this is my gender bender/AU/sexy no jutsu (or any other way you can think of calling it) version of Mikey, cute ne?, she/he is in a angry/sad mood, maybe because of:
a) I can´t draw male turtles for now even if my life depents of it.
b) she/he weres draw in anime style and not the cool comic styles that are on the net just because it´s easier for me XD.
c) she is crappy drawed ToT.... but hey, I have faith in myself... I could have done it worse XD *lol*
d) didn´t gave her bigger boobs XD... those are recerved for Raph femme version. *more lol* and some *drool*
e) the bell on her neck... looks like master splinter wants her to practice more the art of invicibility and silence, but shoo bad for her, it makes it easier this way for her/his sisters/brothers to catch her/him before they get pranked.

waaaaah, it´s 00:15 in the morning; XD maybe that´s whay I´m uploading this... my everything hurts, and I promised to myself not to show this before doing a more decent version, but you know how people function at this hour of day¡. I made the pic while doing nothing on my consultory, and she ended looking shoo cute, so till now I showed it only to my friends tiam, vicky and aiko, but I hope you people like it.

okay, bye bye, gotta go to bed, now... I hope.

tmnt don´t belong to me.
I don´t have money, so I don´t own anything but my hurting body and soul. yoooooooh. i´m drunk with work¡¡¡

oh yeah, almost forgot to say.... femme mikey and his/her sisters/brothers are my version of AU where Splinter got dauthers instead of sons, and to me their names would be something about mythological figures, because we all know he is cool like that... and her names would be:
Leonardo = Gaia ( Goddess of the Earth (Mother Earth)).
Raphael = Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty, forced wife of Hephaestus. Ares is her main lover. Known as the most beautiful of the goddesses.)
Donatello = Minerva (goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce)
Michaelangelo = Thalia ( rustic goddess, the Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. In this context, her name means “flourishing,” because the praises in her songs flourish through time).
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