Thalia Sheval - Sketch Picture

Thalia Sheval (or "Tahalli", as she's better known) started life as a secondary OC for a massive supernatural!Hetalia roleplay (which is still ongoing and awesome and I love everyone there to death), and somehow expanded from a sidekick OC to a full-blown, three-page profile spotlight stealer.

She was born and raised in Victorian England, but in her early twenties, her brother, Harrison - an anthropologist - disappeared while on an expedition to Kaldon (my main OC in the RP), and Thalia promised her dying father that she'd find out the truth about her brother. She journeys to Kaldon, and winds up 'drafted' to fight a spiritual war. She succeeds, but at the cost of her own life, and she becomes the Captain of the Spirit Knights (essentially a peacekeeping force/Queen's guard/second-chance program type of thing). She's a strong woman of incredible power and will....well, in spirit, at least.

In life, Thalia was actually pretty scrawny - short, little muscle strength, rather low physical endurance, etc. - beneath all the dresses and petticoats. Had her physical form worn the armor her spirit form had, it would've been loose and baggy, and most likely counter productive. She'd never have been able to carry around all that armor for as long as she does, and she'd never be able to swing that sword, or do any of the legendary things local mythology claims she does...

...good thing the spirit doesn't have to reflect the physical body. XD
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