Thalia with new markings :3 Picture

OK so yeah you knew this was coming XD
It's Thalia with her new markings :3
These are the markings I meant for her to have from the beginning but my cat interfered last time so yeah XD i might remove the old one to avoid confusion :3
Lol the markings on her face are modelled from a greek war helmet XD because her name is from greek mythology XD

Body - Grey with white markings
Mane/Tail - Black and red
Eyes - Blue

Ribbons on her back right leg are cobalt blue and bright red intertwined. Brown buckled strap on her front left leg. Necklace is two gold bands. Markings on her face make an arrow down to the center of her nose. Front of her neck is white markings end in a 'V' shape between her front legs.
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