RoM: Myrna Thalass Picture

Here's proof that I have a bit of a Mystique obsession.
Well, she isn't exactly like Mystique. Myrna isn't a merciless, power hungry, megalomania driven shapeshifter with the sex drive of a young male rabbit, like Mystique. No, Myrna is a merciless, power hungry, treasure lusting, sea bound Pirate Queen with the sex drive of 4 young male rabbits on the trail of a female rabbit in heat...
Sorry to anyone that was disturbed by that.
lol If you have enough knowledge of ancient mythology you might recognize the name Thalass as shortened from Thalassa, the Sea Goddess. I couldn't help myself with that one.
Myrna is the child of a notorious Water Genasi Pirate Captain and an Aquatic Elf woman who is equally notorious for her power in the Aquatic Black Market. (A Water Genasi is a being type from Dungeons and Dragons. They're usually the distant descendants of Water Elementals or other creatures from the Water Plane dimension.) You can imagine just how skilled she is in the art of Piracy, and how prone she is to water. She has already become a powerful Pirate, rivaling her father in infamy.
She's the former enemy of Nirio (explained in the Mahyria journal), but basically volunteered to work with him when the entire world was at stake. In her eyes, the end of the world would mean never getting her precious ancient pearl tablet back from Remar: her oldest rival, and Nirio's second in command.
Anyway, this is Myrna. Drawn by hand, colored and shadowed with Photoshop.

Myrna and her story (yadda yadda yadda) © Luis Martinez & Juli Shelton
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