Macaria- daughter of Hades Picture

I did it!
Macaria is the daughter of Hades...
She seems to have embodied a blessed death.. [wikipedia]
so what i get is:
instead of most people
who are damned and go to Hades,
some are fortunate enough to go elsewhere..?
i dunno...
but according to what i found out,
there was no such thing as Heaven in greek mythology...
it was either Hades, or Tartarus...
eventhough Macaria is supposed to be 'nicer'
i decided to give her more of her papa's personality,
and in a disney sorta way...
[notice the clouds for legs]
and sadly, no mother is mentioned for our dear Macaria..
this is what hades looks like:
and special thanks to mon fiance!
[he took the pic
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