Villian Series: Jehovah Picture

I'm trying to start a new project by drawing all of the villians from all 7 of my works, which i'll discuss later.

Here is the first villan, and possibly the most powerful of them all: the villian from Eye of the SunFall: Jehovah!

Name: Jehovah (goes by many names, but the most common one known to humans is simply "God")
Current Age: He is a god, he never ages, but appears to be in his early 20's
DOB: Gods have birthdays?
Rank: Titan
Weapon(s): Unlimited magical powers
Eye color: Unknown, for he always wears a mask
Hair color: Indigo Blue
Spouse: None
Quote: "Nothing is greater than I!"
Theme Song: Every religious song known to mankid
*Desired voice actor: Jeremy Irons

Honestly, what can you say about this guy? He is God himself, the creator of everything, ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Mortals. His words inspire love, compassion and bond to those who love him, and fear, despair and hatred to those who loathe him. He is known as Jehovah, The Lord, The Holy Father... but most humans know him simply as God. People listen to his words and pray to him for hope and love and true blessing...

...If only humanity knew it is all a lie.

Jehovah is in fact a Titan, The titan-God of Worship. Upon his birth, the early humans began to look u pto the gods and offer thme prayers and sacrifice. He was once a kind, loving titan who was created by the eternal void of Chaos to give the primative humans a reason to live. He even fell in love with a beautiful maiden, a goddess-sorceress named Eden. He longed to be one with his love, but something tugged at the back of his mind, a single thought that would seal his fate:

"If all those gods and goddesses are being worshipped, then how come i'm not being worshipped?

This thought twisted the once noble titan, causign him to commit horrid acts, including breaking Eden's heart. Jehovah was now and forever a dark, evil being. Only caring about himself and longing to be worshipped. Jehovah's ultimate goal: to have ever single mortal worship and praise him in hopes of gaining ultimate power to rule all of the universe, a feat even Chaos could not achieve. Jehovah worked his way int othe seat of the gods, even becoming firends with Oranos, only to betray thme al land kill al lthe gods. Declaring himself "God of All-Creation", Jehovah set about enforcing his own religions and turning the mortals against their previous gods, calling them heretics. For many many years, Jehovah ruled the human race with an iron fist, evne allowing people to die in his name, not carign about their well being; for any mortal that died for him would be another slice of power.

But like all sins, the crimes would catch up to Jehovah. While Jehovah knew if the gods ever came back ,they could be a threat, but the one thing he never considered a threat were the mortals who worshipped and loved him. Humanity, in the eys of Jehovah, were expendable.

This proved to be his downfall

Jehovah one day had a dream. He was greated by his true self; a white robed elder man with a logn white beard and kind eyes. He introduced to Jehovah as "the god you SHOULD have been; a kind god with loved Eden and the mortals who look up to him" The true God told Jehovah that the sins he has commited will catch up to him, for every crime has a punishment. To make it worse to Jehovah, it won't be the gods who judge and destroy him, it will be the human race. The weak, easily destroyed mortals that Jehovah could wipe out with a snap of his fingers would be the ones to ultimatly destroy him. Taking this as nothing more that a drema, Jehovah se his sights on his goal and ignored the warnings around him:

The Human Race was getting stronger, The Human Race was getting smarter, The Human Race was getting POWERFUL

Jehovah was also warned that it won't be a the entire human race that will ultimatly destroy him, but a single human. He will guided by the gods and goddess Jehovah destroyed, and fueled by the love those close to him. He will go up to Jehovah's Paradise, and guided by Jehovah's once best friend, Oranos, that single human fought and defeated Jehovah, sending him to Tartarus, the prison of the gods located in the deepest reaches of the underworld. That human was simply called "the God-Slayer".

That human, was Sir Estaban de Medich

The phrophecy the "true God" told Jehovah came to pass, he was defeated not by gods, but by a single mortal man. Jehovah made the single greatest mistake any god, goddess or titan could ever possible make. A mistake that Estaban hoped would plunge the world into a future that didn t benefit form mythological beings. From that day on, Estaban coined his famous quote, a quote every king of Atlantis spoke upon acension to the throne:

"The most powerful being in this world is not God, the Devil, or any mythological deity, its humans. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE HUMANITY!"


So ,what do you all think?
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