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In advance, erixz its from alberta which its Greece IRL, and most of his history have a bunch of greek mythologi related although Ro its northern

Erixz Keeper
Born on May 25
Age of 24 years old

Erixz keeper was born as the single male keeper of his generation, living with five litlse sisters, all his cousin are also females, He loves to sing song ti his litle sisters as lullaby, and love nature therefore teh colors blue and green are indeed<img src="…"> his favorites, he is really comfortable about his apereance, and although he covers his right (red) eye with his hair style he has no shame of it and its proud of it. his behave its similar to Kyrius, hes kind and a gentleman, to females, his mother died when he was around 16 years old, teh day he became a Lord Knight. he lives in alberta with his father and his sisters, he's affraid his sisters won't have a female role model to take on, although they seem to be doing fine. he is waiting for his father t retired as a Prontera Guard, so he can explored the world without worring much about his sisters, his father its a part time fisherman.

As a part of teh keeper family he was born as the keeper of teh gates of tartarus, or neiftheim, his right eyes its teh key to unlock the gate to this world, and he can teleport there as many time as he wants, in other worlds he make sure the lord of the dad stays dead/shot. (there is more to be add any more question pm me)

he is a very likeable person, he loves sweet as much as he loves salty or hot stuff, his favorite its salty snacks though, he love sunsets and nature, his favorite colors are blue and greem although his mostly wears blue, but he also has a green armour, and also teh reason why he's fascinated with women with blue or green hair color. he isn't asexual but he's never been on a real relationship.

he love to go swimming and its also a pretty good surfer, he likes cooking but oppressive to his soo alike twin cousin, he can't bake, but he can cook almost any thing that can be kill.

HE LOVES SUMMER! only just because he can surf as much as he wants and teh waves are great. he liek being comfortable so most of teh time he doen't wear his armor.


As a knight he hates dishonesty, he hates seem a woman cry, and would murder who ever make her cry in a minute , or give him a lesson and make him apologize, he hates when his sisters go missing and make him worrry for no reason because they play in payon field3, or take off t the Alberta island.


Erixz learn how to play the piano when he was young, teach by his mother and was a selft taugh when he saw a bard playing teh guitar he wanted to try it and basically stalk the man until ghe agreed to teach him , therefore he can play guitar piano and base.

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