Princess Celestia's Visit CH.2 Picture

Note: I wrote this while I was battling a bad cold and a minor case of pink eye so I'm surprised that I was able to finish this. There were some things that I wanted to add (like the fact that Mephisto is meant to be "Necessary Evil", how it's his job to keep the wicked punished, why he's in Hell, and how despite the fact that he's an evil bastard, he has a complex/twisted sense of morality). Also, I wanted the Four Horses of the Apocalypse to make an appearance in this chapter and taunt Celestia but I couldn't fit them in. In the end, I decided to let everything speak for itself.

This was based off my friend's artwork involving Alicorns based off Greek Mytholog……… . I really liked the idea so I adopted it into my head-canon (plus, Tartarus and Cerberus as well as Chimeras have appeared in canon, so it could work). Plus, I always wanted to write something with my pony version of the Devil……

Plot: While Celestia tries to sleep while still healing from her injuries, she gets a special visitor.

MLP: FIM (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Mephisto (c) Me
Greek Alicorn Ponies (c)

And a special thanks to my friend for her constant support.
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