Skollarg Picture

The demonic offspring of Fenris and Lykothop, Skollarg

AKA: Hell's Champion, the Hellhound Prince, Death's Knight
Height: 110 meters
Length: 235 meters
Wingspan: 170 meters
Mass: 70,000 tons
Rank: 5

Skollarg is truly his parent's child. He's savage, merciless, and vicious, a monster among monsters. He is totally fearless, and powerful enough to justify it. Like his mother, he wields the powers of Hell itself and like his father, he is unstoppable in his assaults. Almost nothing is safe from his wrath. The only creatures he won't dare to attack are his parents. Despite his fierceness, he cares for them deeply. He's very gentle around his father, always careful not to harm him. He's also eager to please his Fenris. Sometimes, he can be almost childish in these quest, acting like a puppy or kitten. It could almost be called cute, if he didn't bring her debris and corpses from leveled settlements that is. Still, both are equally vicious, so short squabbles are common. The two seem to take it all as good fun though. If anything, the brief battles seem to strengthen their relationship, like how puppies play fight. It keeps them tough and brings them close.

-Claws and Jaws: Skollarg's claws and fangs are vicious weapons, letting him tear at the toughest of hides
-Strength: like his father, Skollarg has freakish strength; not on the same level as his father's, but still easily rivals the likes of Anorgon and Reaper
-Endurance: like his father, Skollarg can take the most serve of blows and keep coming; not as complete as his father's, but still respectable; he could literally have a limb ripped off and only pause for a moment or two; not that attacks don't have a physical effect, he's just able to ignore them for the most part
-Advanced Regeneration: like his father, Skollarg's rate of healing is incredibly high; minor cuts close within minutes and more serious injuries practically disappear after a few hours
-Hellfire Blast: like his mother, an unstable sphere of fiery energy can be launched from Skollarg's jaws
-Hellfire Beam: a power inherited from his mother, a huge beam of unstable energy can be fired from the mouth in Skolllarg's stomach; several times more powerful that his mother's beam, easily able to topple and blow back; like a kaiju-sized cannon in his gut
-Venom: each snake making up Skollarg's mane is armed with potent venom that burns in a foe's blood like fire; in addition, the snakes can stretch and extend their reach far beyond what it appears
-Hell's Whips: the mane of snakes around Skollarg's neck can become a barrage of fiery whips
-Demonic Manipulation: an exaggeration of his mother's powers, Skollarg can manipulate fire and shadows; his favorite uses of this ability is to form clawed hands and blades of shadow, as well as searing slashes and surges of fire
-Demonic Resistance: being half demon, Skollarg has an abnormally high resistance to fire and dark energies; powerful attacks of these type will still harm him, but their effects will be greatly reduced
-Moonlight: a trait received from his father, Skollarg's might grows with the moon; the fuller the moon is, the more powerful he becomes; even on new moons, he is still a force to be reckoned with

Within a few weeks of becoming mates with Lykothop, kaijuologist monitoring Fenris noticed some odd behavior from her. She became sluggish, spent less time destroying, spent more time sleeping, and (if it was possible) became even more wrathful. Even her mate, who was generally safe around her, feared her fury. Then, one day, she trotted into the deepest part of her den and never reemerged.

Several months later, when she finally reappeared, a pup accompanied her.

The world was stunned to see the genetic werewolf and a demonic wolf actually reproduce. The pup, who was named Skollarg, grew quickly, exhibiting traits from both his parents. Lykobo took on the role of the loving, playful parent while Fenris taught the pup how to hunt and fight. He sprouted wings and developed a draconic tail. When he fully matured, only a few months after his birth, a mane of writhing snakes grew from around his neck. Even though he now towered over his father- excluding nights lite by the full moon- Skollarg, like his mother, treated the smaller wolf with surprising gentleness.

Although there appeared to be genuine affection between he and his mother, the two often scuffled due to their fierceness. When Lykobo became Lykothop, he also joined in these skirmishes. Eventually, it became too much. Skollarg, now as or more powerful that his parents, departed to find his own home. Ironically, the demon chose the peak of Mt. Olympus- the palace of the gods in Greek mythology- as his home. He and his parents still interact though, traveling to the other's home or going raiding together on full moons.

Late one night, without any warning, Skollarg descended upon Rome to wreak havoc. But he did not go unchallenged. The fruit bat Chptera rushed to the helpless city and attacked the demonic wolf head-on. In a surprising show of power and skill, the bat actually held its own against Skollarg for hours. And as the sun peaked over the horizon, Quetzar arrived to help. Fighting as one, the bat and the dragon were an easy match for the hellish creature, but they still couldn't defeat Skollarg. Then Plume appeared. Drawn to the battle by the presence of Chptera, a creature with powers similar to his, the basilisk helped to drive Skollarg back to his lair on Mt. Olympus.

Skollarg was temporarily driven from his mountain home by Sotz, but was later able to return. He still has a fiery hatred for the bat.

Just like his mother, Skollarg destroyed all G.A.K.F. attempts to capture him for Project Tartarus.

When Ullraldi's ice warriors attacked Skollarg, he acted quickly, tearing into their numbers. Alarmed when the frozen soldiers simply began reforming, the helf-demon swiftly met up with his mother, who was having similar problem. Working together, they trapped the frosty legion in a ring of fire. They were soon faced by a bigger problem- Lykothop. Free from his tomb and ready to kill, the berserk beast lashed out. While Lykobo fled from his dark side, Fenris and Skollarg met the creature that once inhabited the meek wild dog's body in battle, matching demon blood against cursed flesh. As the the two hellhounds and the werebeast clashed, a third party entered the scene. Ready to avenge his defeat by Fenris and Skollarg, Jonn Juntivi arrived from his watery hideout. But he was greeted by a special welcoming committee. Realizing the thrill seeker's intent and aware Earth needed all the allies it could get, Neeaa and Ka'uth sent Knothor down to deal with Konn. Having faced and lost to the crystalline brute before, Juntivi quickly turned tail and fled. But Knothor wasn't letting the invader get away that easily. Dragging the neon alien back screaming and kicking, the monstrous bully pummeled Juntivi, giving him a thorough lesson in what real cruelty was like. At the same time, Fenris and Skollarg were successfully taking the upper hand against Lykothop, working together to overcome the beast's horrifying strength. Four hellfire beams all erupting across the werewolf's hide, mother and son downed the savage side of Lykobo, Lykothop knocked unconscious for the first time.

Additional Information: Whoo! I don't wanna toot my own horn or anything, but hot damn I think this guy came out awesome!
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