Nightmare Wraith OC Pony Profile Picture

This is one of my first OC ponies, His name is Nightmare Wraith. I have given him the once over on the mary-sue list. and in a poor hands he would come off as one. I admit it's mostly due to the fact that I made him the middle child with Celestia being the eldest and Luna being the youngest. In truth he's based on a Character of from a old DOS game called King's Quest Six. My favorite of the games and had the most epic moment were you as Prince Alexander challenge the Lord of the Dead.

He will be appearing in a Fan Fiction trilogy I've been working on. Mostly reprising his role of Lord of the Dead like in KQ 6.

Here's few things to keep in mind about him:

He's a Thestral (yes like in Harry potter) Thus being part Nightmare (a ghost pony with fire hair) & part bat pony explains his appearance.

Why is he Related to Celestia?
I thought why not make a Prince pony? and I liked this idea of a twisted form of sibling rivalry between the two.

Is He Evil?
No, well not really, He did go evil once which lead to his imprisonment in the realm of the dead. But if he ever would to be freed he wont be taking over Equestria again. He tried that once it didn't work out.

What is the Realm of the dead? is it Tartarus ?
No just like real geek mythology Tartarus is the imprison for the greatest of evils like Gozer the godarian would be there.
The Realm of the dead is like purgatory place were restless souls stay unless their haunting places.

Challenges ?
For those who didn't play KQ6 let me explain. There 2 types.
Type 1: IF you died in Equestria you can earn an extensions but you have win a game of your choosing so you better be hard core at it.
Type 2: This one is harder, Anyone has the right to Challenge Death and free souls of other, if they enter the realm of the dead while alive they can challenge Death, Death will make the rules and challenge, and the price for this is your own soul that's why its harder, You have to win not just to save a soul but your own hide as well.
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