Compilation of Loki Picture

So this is a compilation of every image pertaining to my OC, Loki, to the best of my knowledge. It's in roughly chronological order, with oldest at the top and newest at the bottom. Loki was first drawn in August 2010. I cannot give an exact date since I didn't date the sketch. For the most part of 2010 and somewhat into 2011, Loki had a pretty solid design, though I decided to revamp him with a new design, finding the sort of "tribal" look to be a little odd. That's when "2011 Loki" was born, a Loki sporting solid black, whose hair and various other parts such as his attire and limbs dispersing into a black mist-like substance. I further developed the "mist" over the years into some organic tendril looking substance, but in my mind, it has always been mist. I just suck at drawing/coloring mist.
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