Lykobo Picture

The inquisitive wild dog that charmed the world and seduced a demon, Lykobo

Height: 25 meters (all fours) / 45 meters (reared up)
Length: 70 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons
Rank: 1

Lykobo is very small by kaiju standards, and even weaker in comparison with his fellow monsters. He's very intelligent and inquisitive, always investigating Man and His machinery. But at the same time, he's incredibly shy. If Man shows any interest back, he immediately turns tail and runs. This means he's constantly attracted to populated areas and driven out just a quickly. This odd, rather cute behavior, has made him very popular as far as giant monsters go. But, in an unexpected twist, it has also charmed a she-devil. His curious, innocent nature and unmatched loyalty has earned him the affection of the most unlikely of partners- Fenris. Together, the dog and the demon, the unlikely couple have raised a pup, defeated Lykobo's dark side, and generally wooed the world. Lykobo and Fenris are the most popular of all mated kaiju.

-Claws and Jaws: if actually used, Lykobo's claws and teeth could be nasty weapons
-Acrobat: Lykobo is quick and light on his feet; he usually uses this agility to flee though

-Lykobo avoids fights at all costs, tripping over his own feet in panic to get away from conflict; he only ever faces danger willing when his family is at stake
-Lykobo is very frail for a kaiju; one solid blow from most other giants could end him; luckily, his far more monstrous family protect him

Ever since his mysterious appearance of this genetic miracle on the moors of England, Lykobo proved to be quite the unique monster. He was both fascinated and terrified by us, mirroing the way we feel about other giants. As he juggled investigating and fleeing, he gained quite the following, especially from children. In a world of vicious and powerful monster, the planet as a whole shared a sigh of relief and a laugh at the existence of such a curious little giant.

That is, until the next full moon.

Under the moonlight, a frightening change came over the loved creature. The full moon somehow triggered a series of rapid genetic changes, totally rearranging Lykobo's DNA. The meek wild dog became a savage, hateful beast. An unimaginably huge surge of adrenaline took over his body all in an instant, throwing him into pained spasms. His size increased drastically, fur darkening and growing wild, claws lengthening, and aggression spiking. The small, meek canine became a monster- Lykothop. The world was stunned. In response, the G.A.K.F. sent Reaper, the physically most powerful of their kaiju, to deal with the werebeast. Reaper dealt the savage creature a series of blows and wounds that would bring any other monster to its knees.

Lykothop simply delivered a devastating strike of his own.

Stunned, Reaper was left vulnerable. Lykothop mauled the monitor lizard, turning the mighty beast into a gory mess. But before the wolf could finish off the reptile, a blast of hellfire blow him off his feet.

Fenris had arrived.

The wolves stood off, both snarling and baying at each other. Then they clashed. The duel was short, but brutal. Both mammals were left bloody and bruised. Breaking off from the battle, Lykothop and Fenris circled one another in a deadly dance. Then a shocking thing happen. Instead of fighting again, the two hellish wolves came together and journeyed back to Fenris's den, side by side. Flanks brushing, the mammals swept into the fiery depth of the den...

The following morning, Lykobo emerged from Fenris's den. The world was shocked to see the Hellhound Queen had spared him after he reverted to his smaller, weaker form. The meek beast then found its own cave a shorts ways off. Every full moon since, Lykothop and Fenris have been together, either raising Hell as partners of destruction or denning as loving mates. Attempts have been made to destroy him as Lykobo, but Fenris always fends them off.

Then his mate gave birth to Skollarg. Lykobo took on the role of the loving, playful parent while Fenris taught the pup how to hunt and fight. When Lykothop emerged, he helped with these more useful lessons. And as he grew to be as bigger, like his mother before him the hellish beast spared his smaller father of his wrath.

Although there appeared to be genuine affection between he and his mother, the two often scuffled due to their fierceness. When Lykobo became Lykothop, he also joined in these skirmishes. Eventually, it became too much. Skollarg, now as or more powerful that his parents, departed to find his own home. Ironically, the demon chose the peak of Mt. Olympus- the palace of the gods in Greek mythology- as his home. He and his parents still interact though, traveling to the other's home or going raiding together on full moons.

While Fenris destroyed all G.A.K.F. attempts to capture them for Project Tartarus, Lykobo hid in his den.

One faithful night, Araad arrived at the lair of Fenris and Lykobo. With her Breath of Life, the Earth Dragoness separated the vicious Lykothop from its meek host. The tower werebeast quickly turned on a terrified Lykobo. Araad made to intercept, but she was beat to it. Fenris attacked the bigger monster viciously to defend Lykobo. As the two battled, Araad threw her Terra Blade down, spearing Lykothop. All at once, huge slabs of stone rose up from the ground, forming a small mountain over the raging werewolf. With the savage creature trapped and Lykobo free from aggression by humans for its more fearsome form, Araad left. She had originally planned to deal with Fenris similarly, but the demon's surprising act of selflessness towards Lykobo changed her mind. It seemed even demons could learn to love. Lykobo is now actually allowed into Fenris's own den, although he can go all the way in without being cooked.

When Ullraldi's frozen legion attacked the wild dog and his mate, Lykobo did his best to be useful. While his mate and son- who eventually joined them- accomplished far more, the little giant did help, taking out the stray ice warrior that escaped the barrage of hellfire and shadows. But when Lykothop, freed by the cunning Mesucos, appeared, the poor canine could do nothing but run and hide, leaving his more powerful family to fight the raging werebeast. In a rare show of bravery, Lykobo was ready to fight Konn Juntivi all by himself when the nean invader arrived to settle his grudge. Luckily, Knothor intervened, undoubtedly saving the wild dog's a world of pain.
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