Cerberus - Sunamon of Balance Picture

Daemons, just like us, have their own divinities. In their ancestral language, these gods are known as Amonus. There are the Amonus but there is also their servants, the Sunamonus. They live among the daemon kind and have unique abilities and appearances. In exchange of their powers, they must serve either the gods and the people. This is one of them:

When the human souls arrives in Helheim to wait for their reincarnation, he is the one who separates the good souls from the bad souls. Just like in the greek mythology, he is the Gates keeper. There is three gates:

The first gate is the portal to the Elizian champs where the good and unfortunate souls rest in peace until the day of their reincarnation. It can be a question of weeks, months or even years before they can be reincarnate.
The second gate is the portal to one of the captial, Erebus, where most of the daemon people lives. The souls are forbidden to go in the capitals without Cerberus's consent.
The final gate is the portal to the Pit, in the capital of Tartarus. This is here where the bad souls have to live a sentence before they can have the permission to go to the Elizian champs. If the souls commited many crimes in their past life, they can spend the eternity working at the Pit's dungeons. If they commited few crimes or less, they will have a short sentence and after that, they can go to the Elizian champs.

Also known as the Three-headed Judge, Cerberus is the leader of the Elder Council, the advisors of the royal family in Helheim.

Cerberus's appearence is an humongous three-headed hound with a snake as a tail. Each head have its own personality: the right head has a short temper, is direct and doesn't talk much. The left head on the other hand is patient, almost always see a good side in everything and speaks more than the other heads. And then there is the central head, the wisest of all. He is the one who takes the decision and speaks for all the heads.


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