Albatross 'True Form' reference Picture

Hey hey hey ho howdy! -Totally not related to America-
I finally finished Alby's ref! So this is my fursona, Albatross's true form. She almost never represents herself like this and prefers to be a wolf, and other animals. In her true form, she is hateful, mean, and only considers three of her wolf form's friends her own. She loves stealing, tricking, and killing humans, and thinks they tarnish this world (And others, lol). She is a demon in some cultures, and a myth in others. Every culture has a legend about Albatross. For example, in Greek mythology, her name is Apateón, and she is said to lure people in with her half invisible rope by attaching a prized valuble to the end, hiding in a tree, and waiting. She would pull the rope up with her paws made for gripping and drag the human up the tree with surprising strength, and bite their throats out with 2 inch teeth.
There is also tale that she tricked even Hercules, and almost killed him, but ended up with her head chopped off. But like any other demon, she reformed in Tartarus, and lives again.


English Name: Albatross
Greek name: Apate
Gender: Female/supposedly genderless
Likes: Tricking, stealing, killing, flowers
Dislikes: Friends, her sister, Hercules
Age: Ageless
Abilities: Shapeshifting, transporting between worlds and dimensions, faking personalities
Size: About the size of a a raccoon

Other info (Incase you can't read my handwriting):

-Eyes change hue in light and dark
- Brain bigger then human's
-Hand-like paws that are almost opposable, good for gripping
-Orb can allow changing worlds and dimensions,she never tells anyone what it's for
-Purple tongue

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