Faunotarus Picture

Here I present to you, THE FAUNOTAURUS!!

Its a new specie I created, based on Norse mythology as well as Oriental and Roman mythology.
Here you what a Faunotarus Soldier looks like, and how a regular Faunotaurus looks like.

The Faunotaurs is one ancient race of creatures that lived in Equestria, long time ago, when the great blizzard hit the land. Pre historic Ponies used to hunt this beast for their horns (because at that time, there were no Pegasus nor Unicorns) and skin, we can say that the Faunotarus were the equivalent of the Mammoths in Equestria. The Faunotarus were hunt until extinction, or that is what the ponies of Equestria thought...

The remaining Faunotarus migrated in great herds to north of Equestria were they get to start to created a society. With time the Faunotarus learn and learn until the became sentients, and thus they created their kingdom of Ice inside the great Glacier Jotnar. There they studied the stars, and from them the learn to predict and create prophecies, one them which is that one day a goddess of the stars will rise and will banish the evil that remains on Equestria...

-The Faunotaurs are named after constellations.
-The Faunotarus wear wool capes that on its back is drawn their constelation they are name after.
-The Faunotarus can only do magic that is related to cold.
- The actual leader is name is Fenris.
-The Faunotaurus have a natural enemy, which are the Shade Wolves, however this ones were trapped long ago when the Alicorns gathered all evil of the world and lock it in Tartarus.
-The Faunotarus are the triple size of Ponies.
- The Faunotarus are a peaceful community that has learn to live in harmony with its surrounding.
-The name FaunoTarus is a combination between Faun and Minotaur.
-The Faunotarus have learn to dig for gems in order to use them as food spice and as holy objects.
- Faunotarus can live approximately 100 to 500 years.
- The only Faunotarus that can be soldiers are those with big long pointy horns (like the one above)
-The Faunotarus are equivalente to the Wooly Mammoth or the Yeti.
-The Faunotarus six legs, allow him to run and climb faster, as well as give them more strength.
-The Faunotarus are Omnivors, yet they only eat meat when their supplies are low.
-The Faunotarus that are older tend to meditate more and even have a silence vote, just like Tibet Monks
-Faunotarus are so hairy and have so thick hair that if you use you could sew up a tent and never ever feel cold.
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