Then and Now: Kronos Picture

Kronos is our big archetypal bad guy. This guy was a bit of a struggle to think up; he wasn’t always the conniving warlord he is today. In fact, his name wasn’t even Kronos! This was back in the day when we weren't thinking about anything like a plot or continuity, we just knew we had to have a villain for levi to butt heads with.
As you can see in the top left picture Kronos’ design was radically different from his current look. He was originally sort of a Bane rip of, with the tubes in his arms pumping a sort of steroid juice into his arms. While eventually we ditched the whole Bane thing because let’s be honest, it’s too easy to just pull those things off (not to mention it’s a BANE RIPOFF). We did however keep the gauntlets, as he still needed a ranged attack. Speaking of a ranged attack, the gem on his forehead used to be his beam attack, but we got rid of that for his far more stylish crown. His tail also used to be a lot longer. It was armored, and actually used in combat. Current Kronos still has a tail, but it’s not nearly as long, and he doesn’t use it for anything (Not gonna lie I honestly forgot he still had it until recently when I took another look). Now Kronos’ Warlord armor was influenced by ancient samurai armor, hence the flaps on his legs and his helmet. Meanwhile the fan was loosely (very loosely) based on a frill neck lizard. It pops up, and is meant to intimidate his enemies. His new design is a costume change, as he’s been stripped of his rank and armor. After fleeing the Kiliaak Kronos now wears a simple Revenge-of-the-Fallen-Megatron style cloak, though he kept the pants and gauntlets (because those are the only pair of pants he has and the gauntlets are in fact fused to his flesh). The thing on his chest is the teleportation matrix that he stole from the Kiliaak. Yes it’s tiny, but its powerful technology. Kronos can’t use the matrix without an immense source of power, and even when he has enough power he doesn’t quite know how to use it properly.
This guy started off with a very bland character. He was a simple alien warlord, no personality, just angry. In fact, he was so generic we didn’t even have a name for him! No seriously, in his first appearance we just called him “Un-Spec-Kaiju001” under the pretense that the GDF had only just sighted him and hadn’t named it yet. Well not having a name severely limits his potential as a character, so we had him name himself after a figure in Greek mythology, mainly for his power (clearly he missed the part where he was cut into pieces and cast into Tartarus). Kronos’ main character arc comes from his treatment at the hands of the Kiliaak. Kronos was originally a Tahng heralding from the planet VinTahng. Kronos made a failed grab for power, and was stripped of his name and cast out of their society. Livid and seeking revenge Kronos allowed the recently arrived Kiliaak horde to experiment on him, turning him into the brute he is today. He then aided the Kiliaak in the ultimate destruction of his people. Despite betraying his people and rising to the rank of Warlord there’s no question as to who’s in charge. Kronos is nothing more than a weapon to the high council, and is quickly swapped out when a better option is presented. Kronos realizes that he is an outcast of sorts among the Kiliaak, the closest thing he has to an ally on the entire ship is Kraken, and that’s a very complicated relationship. At first Kronos only sees Kraken as a weapon, the way the Kiliaak see him, but as the war goes on Kronos begins to care for the monster, even risking his life to protect him from Apocalypse. When Kraken is killed by Spacegodzilla Kronos realizes that he is truly alone in the galaxy, and goes to great lengths to bring him back from the dead. Unfortunately the experience only further damaged Kraken’s already broken mind, so he remains in a silent stupor, void of expression or emotion. Kronos is worried about Kraken’s recovery, but he still hasn’t lost sight of his ultimate goal of revenge. Kronos seeks to topple the Kiliaak, but honestly he has no idea exactly how he’s going to accomplish this. He’s collected a group of unlikely allies, his old rival (whom he personally mutilated, humiliated, and cast out), an Earth Defender Titan, a strange creature they found in the desert, and oddly enough a GDF mech that is currently living in Kraken’s cybernetics. Kronos is currently on the run from both Kiliaak and GDF forces, but if he can convince Ghi-Darah and Lazy Boy to put aside their hatreds who’s to say that he can’t convince the humans to see that Apocalypse is the bigger threat…
As mentioned earlier Kronos’ incredible strength came from the steroid type fluid being pumped into his arms, like classic Bane. Now Kronos’ incredible strength is a result of the Kiliaak experiments. The experiments also catapulted his height, taking him from his original 20 meters to a whopping 90. His abilities are further enhanced by the healing factor he discovered inside the creation Orga. This ability would have been incredibly useful in the battle against Apocalypse, but after coming into contact with Apocalypse’s poison the healing gene has been completely nullified. He used to have a large jewel implanted in his skull that would fire an energy beam. After deeming this to be a bit cliché in the monster genre we instead turned our attention to his gauntlets. His gauntlets are able to generate massive electrical fields after coming into contact with Ghi-Darah’s beam attacks. With enough rage Kronos is able to focus these fields into a massive spray of lightning Emperor Sidious style.
Major Relationships:

Leviathan: More than anything else in the galaxy Kronos despises Leviathan. Levi soundly thrashed him on his first trip to Earth, and this resulted in him being cast down from his position like a broken tool. Kronos has blamed all of his misery and misfortune since then on Leviathan, and bares a deep personal grudge against the shark kaiju. This is actually a total displacement of his rage, as deep down he knows that it is only himself and the Kiliaak he has to blame. Before he left the Kiliaak Kronos never considered being able to have his revenge on the ones who stripped him of his position, but now that he abandoned the Kiliaak he has begun to realize that it is not Levi he hated for so long, especially after his talk with Ghi-Darah.

Kraken: Kronos used to see Kraken as a weapon, a chance to have his revenge on Leviathan. Unfortunately he hadn’t planned on Leviathan’s memories asserting themselves. This left Kraken as little more than a failed experiment, still a lethal weapon, but unable to carry out his original purpose. Kronos abused Kraken whenever he had a chance, taking out his anger on the unfortunate monster. Over time however Kronos began to value the creature for its brutal efficiency, even going so far as to save the creature from the GDF forces during the Battle of London. After Apocalypse’s arrival Kronos’ attitude towards Kraken has totally changed. Realizing that Kraken is the only thing still standing by his side Kronos now cares deeply for Kraken, and is concerned about the monster’s recovery.

Apocalypse: Earth isn’t the only planet that Apocalypse has visited, and in Tahng legend he is known as the Destroyer. Kronos immediately recognizes him at London, and knows that he’s bad biscuits. When he realized that the Destroyer had taken control of the Kiliaak he fled the Kiliaak, unwilling to be a part of anything controlled by evil incarnate.

Armageddon: Though only knowing him for a brief time in the Battle of London Kronos is terrified of Armageddon. Dwarfed by the ancient titan’s power Kronos knows that if they ever were to face each other in combat again he would be defeated and killed. This did not prevent him from fighting alongside him against Apocalypse.

The Davis Siblings: Kronos despises the Davis siblings as they’ve helped the GDF hold the Kiliaak at bay for so long. Besides that they’ve never formally interacted until the Battle of London, where he defeated Archangel. It is unknown how they will react to the warlord’s new alignment, and whether or not Kronos will be able to convince them that he is sincere in his mission to destroy the Kiliaak. Kronos certainly doesn’t think so.
Kronos is secretly extremely superstitious, never forgetting his Tahng roots. This is why he was able to recognize Apocalypse as a threat so quickly. He still knows his Tahng name, even though it was stripped of him. Whether or not he will ever be known by this name again is a mystery.

Not gonna lie guys, this is my favorite Kaiju we’ve ever designed, and I hope you like him as much as I do.
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