wow loser Picture

meet cerberus
aka cece aka buttface aka tokiya ichinose aka sasuke aka wow he's rivalle i didn't even realize aka ham the original
actually i've had him for a long time it's just his species kept switching between riolu and houndour and ghastly and what else was he gonna be oh right larvitar and gible and magikarp
i had all those sketches all of them it's a hard life
but gold is amazing yeee

annnnnd i'm tired more later

name: Cerberus (will be forcibly introduced as cece)

gender: haha what if he was a girl wow

nature: adamant

height: 4'6"

likes: cleanliness, studies, pillows, cravats, BOWS he really likes bows a lot, being treated like royalty, official figures he's a clingy one, victorian stuff, yellow and gold, mythological stuff

dislikes: dirT DIRT DIRRRRRT, physical activity/labor, sweat, blue, water, peasants and by that i mean everyone else, loud noises he has sensitive doggy ears, people touching him get off cOMMONER

personality: i swear if you bother me again i will have my slaves beat you into next week and by that i mean he is snippy!!! easily angered and annoyed he will not hesitate to verbally lash out at people. he has a serious superiority complex and don't you dare insult him he cries too
and plus he's super tsun dang what a catch ladies
annnd he will actually not be able to comprehend being dirty so watch your sweat ok

he likes to sing and thinks he has the voice of an angel
evolves with friendship good luck he hates friends
gets hot easily
why are you wearing that if you get hot
like where's your common sense
oh right in tartarus

baby move: bullet punch wowwweee
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