Gaea and Ouranus Picture


Anyways, Gaea was mother earth. Ouranus, her son, was ruler of the heavens. Eventually, they fell in love and had children, several. The Hundred-Handed Ones, Cyclopes, etc., and the Titans.
Ouranus was disgusted by the Hundred Handed Ones and the Cyclopes, so he banished them to Tartarus, a realm ruled by another son of Gaea. Mother Earth got really angry and coaxed her children, the Titans, to kill Ouranus. Chronos (Kronos), the youngest, did her bidding. He castrated Ouranus and chopped him into a thousand pieces, using a scythe Gaea made for him.
What's this gotta do with ponies, you might say. Well, most characters for Friendship is Magic are mythological, so eeyup.
Gaea (left) and Ouranus (right) are shown as alicorns with manes representing their realms. At their feet, lie the Titans represented as alicorn foals. Chronos is the closest one to his father's hooves. I'll make more Mytho-Ponies later.

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