Power Rangers: Centurions Picture

And now, here's something I'm very proud of...MY NEXT BIG PR FAN SEASON! So, Monster Battalion, I was still planning on making power up forms, and maybe someday I will, but for now, I'm holding off for just a bit to create Power Rangers: Centurions. The Story:

The World is in turmoil. The Oceans have risen up, growing so unruly that water travel is impossible. Raging storms have permanently blackened the skies day and night. Reports have come in the world over of sightings of the deceased. The Seasons have been thrown out of whack, and people have grown distant to each other, their relations broken. Religious fanatics claim it to be the End of Days, but after an entire month of utter chaos, the next day is perfectly fine. Barely any waves roll across the seas. Clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight. Upon investigation, no cemetaries anywhere were harmed or disturbed. The common weather patterns for each season have but set back in balance, and people love each other again. Overnight, it was like the past month never happened.

Zoe Donder is a college student majoring in Mythology at the University of Athens. Originally from her home town of Lito Creek, USA, Zoe travels back for Spring Break ro find her mother was killed in one of the storm's that plagued Lito Creek. Heartbroken, she mourns her loss until a flash of light heralds a beautiful woman in flowing robes before her. The woman introduces herself as Hera, Queen Goddess of Olympus and Goddess of Marriage, Women, and Motherhood. She tells Zoe of a great war over the past month between the Gods of Olympus, the true Gods, and Kronos, Lord of the Titans, and his generals. The Gods originally banished Kronos to Tartarus, but he was freed, and in doing so, he freed his generals, challenging the Olympians for their title as Gods. The Gods were defeated, and the Titans are set to move on Olympus. With new Gods who have no compassion for the human race, The Human race is at great risk.

All hope, however, was not lost. Years ago, The Fates warned them of a great catastrophe in the future, one that would cripple even them. Fearing the worst, the seeked out humans they loved and conceived children, something that they had forbidden for centuries because of the sheer power the children had. Hera, being the only Olympian to survive the battle, is seeking out the remaining children so they can fight Kronos and keep the Titans from ruling the world. Zoe finds out she is a daughter of Zeus, God of the Sky which would explain the odd encounters with electricity she'd been having. Zoe, together with Pogue Equinas, a Hawaiian Surfer, Hayden Morton, a British Teen Punk, Demi Terrai, an Indian Florist and Nature Rights Activist, and Afton Phillipe, an Italian Star Soccer Player, they are called to ranger up and form POWER RANGERS: CENTURIONS! (Tenrai Sentai Joutenger[Divine Sentai Godranger])

So, yeah, a PR season based on the Greek Gods. I got alot of my stuff from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books series. There are a couple of things different with this season, such as a Yellow Female leader and a Pink Male--ALL with reasons, I promise ^_^U

I chose Yellow as a leader because of Zeus...he just seemed like a Yellow, what with the lightning and all. And the female part for Zeus is a nod back to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The child of Zeus in that is a girl, so...yeah. Pink I chose to be a guy because 1) I wanted three guys like normal, and I'd already chosen Demeter as a girl, and 2) I thought Lust would be better for a man(those HORNDOGS! XD). I realize Aphrodite is Goddess of All Love, but Aphrodite in particular strikes me as Physical Love before Romantic Love. And plus, she kinda seemed that way in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Anywho, I have pretty much everything about them figured out, except for Morpher and morphing sequence. I'm thinking a Slider Phone, and when they morph, they'l hold it in front of themselves then throw their air out to the side, sliding the phone up. They'll say something, then bring the phone back up and spin the navigation wheel, only it keeps spinning, screen lights, and they hold it out and say their final line. I'm liking that actually. OFF TO THINK UP THE LINES! *runs off*

*Comes back* I wasn't finished ^_^U So, this is a group shot of them with their weapons before I draw their individual profile pages. Centurion Yellow's call is "By the Power of Zeus, Centurion Yellow!" She can control electricity and the storm. Her weapon is the Thunderbolt Saber and her zord, or Divine Beast, is the Bull.

"By the Power of Poseidon, Centurion Blue!" He can control all forms of water and cause small earthquakes. His weapon is the Riptide Trident and his Divine Beast is the Dolphin.

"By the Power of Hades, Centurion Black!" He can control shadows and onyx-like black rocks that just up from the ground known as Stygian Rock. Stygian Rock also has the power to capture souls. His weapon is the Shadow Helm and his Divine Beast is the Cerberus.

"By the Power of Demeter, Centurion Green!" She can control plants and nature, and is pretty much the strength of the entire team, even though she's a pacifist XD. Her weapon is the Arbor Axe and her Divine Beast is the Boar.

"By the Power of Aphrodite, Centurion Pink!" No, he's not gay. He is, however, bi, but more on the straight side. I figured a Demigod of Love should be open to all forms of love. He can control people's emotions, and can in turn read them. His weapon is the Scallop Fan and his Divine Beast is the Swan.

There will also be Three other rangers, two good additions and one evil that turns good, for a total of 8 rangers. "By the Power of Ares, Titan Red!" Aaron Guierra, a Spanish bull-fighting apprentice, is the son of Ares and Titan Red. He's the demigod who was corrupted by Kronos influence and set him free. As a result, Kronos gave him morphing abilities to act as one of his Generals. Later on, he changes to Centurion Red. He sorta has the same power as Afton, but more towards negative feelings than positive, but his real power is total enhanced combat abilities and physical skills. The best warrior ever. His weapon is the Bellum Spear, his divine beast the Eagle Owl.

Each Ranger's name is devised in three different things: First: A name beginning the same as their Parent God. Middle: All of their actual middles names are epithets of their Parents Gods, such as "Astrapios" or "Anesidora". Last: Something their Parents are known for, or are a patron of. All of the Divine Beasts are animals that are sacred to each God.

Their suit design is made to look like alot of tattoos, because the way I see Gods will be forever changed thanks to God of War. I fell in love with the way Poseidon was in that game, so I made it to be like that.

Hope you like! More to come! Next up, Zoe's profile! (^_~)b
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