Rhea And Cronus Picture

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this is Rhea, Cronus and one of their children who I have decided shall be Poseidon.

story in a nutshell:
In the beginning there was Uranus and his wife Gaia who ruled, and they had the first generation of titans, but Uranus didnt like the children she bore cause they was ugly, so he put them in Tartarus which Gaia didnt like very much. So what does she do? she asks her children to castrate Uranus, and Chronus is the only one whose willing to do it, so that night while Gaia and Uranus are in bed Chronus comes in with his sickle and well...cuts off his fathers dignity then throws it into the ocean and from the sea foam came Aphrodite, but she isny exactly relevant to this story. So now that Uranus isnt a problem Cronus rules, and marries his sister (ew) Rhea, but he is told that he will be over thrown by his son, so he swallows every child she has. (hence the picture above)

On a side note I was contemplating why if Rhea didnt want him to eat her children why'd she keep doing it with him, but then I thought of a better question: if he didnt want his son to overthrow him, WHY DID HE HAVE SEX WITH HER IN THE FIRST PLACE????

logic. greek mythology has it

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I forgot to give credit to my reference to cronus: [link]
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