Hades Color Rough Picture

It's not really a rough, but it's not a full ref. sheet. His clothing is vaguely military inspired - I was going to go with something more suit-like, but it made him feel too much like the devil, and Hades keeps balance more than is evil so... He's still got a vaguely sinister appearance of course, he IS the god of the underworld, after all.

Age: Really...Really...Old (appears about 20 or so?)
Height: 5'11 or so (when appearing in the human realm)
Eye Color: Silver-Blue
Hair: Black
Hades is one of the more serious gods and has very little patience for the frivolities of the Olympian deities, he's usually quite work-oriented (of course, he's got a hell of a job to do - no pun intended.) The only person he has any patience for is his wife, Persephone.

Design, Art (c) J. Konieczny (~stars-shinebright)
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