Syrinx Picture

Here i present Freewil's younger sister Syrnix (Syrinx is a name of River Nymph in Greek Mythology itake this name from the little of second part of Rush Ballad 2112 )
Frieewil remembers her as a little Filly because she was later kidnapped by by The Yamaho (Organisation of Hony's that, are corrupted by the Dark Flame madness). They corrupt her soul by contact with the Black Magic of the Flamedigos (Flamedigos are a spirits of Fire the most of them are gaining strength from positive emotions opposite to Windigos which are gaining the strength from negative emotions)
Hony is a pony created when a Flamedigo and a Pony felt in love and decide to live together but also a filiy from the Hony's couple can become a hony.
that's all informations for now
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