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Vinnie Paz, de son vrai nom Vincenzo Luvineri, (5 octobre 1977 à Agrigente, Italie - ) est un rappeur américain d'origine italienne. Il est un des fondateurs du groupe de rap Jedi Mind Tricks. Il fait également partie du collectif Army of the Pharaohs.

Vincenzo Luvineri (born October 5, 1977), better known as Vinnie Paz (formerly known as Ikon the Verbal Hologram), is an Italian-American rapper and the lyricist behind the Philadelphia underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks. He is also the frontman of the hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs.

Originally taking the pseudonym of Ikon the Verbal Hologram, he later changed his name to Vinnie Paz, after the Rhode Island boxer Vinny Pazienza. Paz originally started rapping with fellow Jedi Mind Tricks member Stoupe in his basement. Paz is known for his raw and gritty lyrical delivery. He is also known for his extensive use of studio punch-ins, seldom recording a verse in one take. His lyrics frequently contain references to religion, war, politics, mythology, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal. His more recent albums such as Servants in Heaven Kings in Hell show a more obvious approach to politics and world issues. This gritty style of Paz became apparent with the release of Violent by Design, and has become progressively more defined since its release. Vinnie Paz has a number of aliases, including Vin and Juice, Vintendo 64, Vinopoly, Pazmanian the Verbal Hologram, Pazmanian the Emperor, Louie Doggs, Vinnie P, The Pazmanian Devil, Pazienza, Frank Vinatra, Vin Jong Ill, Masta Paz, Master Pazzie, Rumplestiltsvin, Muhammad Al Vinejahd, and Vin Laden. Raised Catholic, Vinnie Paz is now a Muslim, which plays a major role in much of his lyrics, often controversially, as on Heavenly Divine, where he rapped "I'm with Allah 'cause he chose me, I broke into The Vatican, strangled The Pope with his rosary."[1] Vinnie is also a heavy metal fan, and occasionally uses song titles and band names in JMT tracks and lyrics.
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