Charon Picture

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".

Charon is the son of Nyx, and assuming from his Dragon form, he's reputed to be descendant (according to him, directly the son) of the Primordial Vovin, the Spirit of Shadows (Tupaq-Erebos who came to be Darkness) and the first Dragon that ever was.

At first living in the swamps of Topakhon, he moved to Helladeas and watched his supposed father being consumed by a trap set by Hydros, only to emmerge victorious of the combat dragging with him the Four Hundred Xcoa, his elite bodyguards, the "perfect specimens" made of shadows and undefeated in battle. Since then, he only wondered what was inside Hydros, believing it was a secret to godhood.

At this time, he realized how all The Nine who came into Being (often referred as the "Macabraics") were just trying to achieve personal accomplishment through creation of specimens which represented them and struggled with each other. The reason for that is the fact that they were but forbidden to fight each other, so they did that indirectly through their creations, like if they were pawns of a game.

Like all Vovin (Elemental Dragons), and specifically as the Original water Vovin, Charon possess the ability of far-seeing, so he is able to see more than humans, hear many things at once, and have probably all the five senses and more (some even assume he's capable to read minds). That skill made him a succesful plotter, escaping from the Vovin persecution, penetrating in the earliest Civilizations of Tredius and also forging evidence against the Telchine Leagues of Rhodes, so they wouldn't mess his works on Helladeas.

As a Water Vovin, he has a strange connection to Orichalcum, and he can uncover it from other rocks and minerals, acquiring a status of Alchemist. In fact, some of the most powerful of weapons of the five hidden elements were forged by him, like the Tartarean Blade.

With such skill and a chemosynthetic organism, he is able both to reach skies and the depths of ocean (which he prefers amongst all environments), by simulating an atmosphere around him. He's also gifted with the power of camouflage which renders him almost invisible in certain sceneries, such skill is shared by most of the sea creatures.

Today, he lives in Tartarus, the edge of the Helladean earth mass, directly opposed downard on earth to the Olympus. It is a gloomy dusk world filled with murky water and surrounded by enormous chimney structures (known in our world as Black Smokers), and he's never been more closer to the truth about the inner organism of the Macabraics than now.

Like he played an important role in the adventures of Gilgamesh as Urshanabi, he's always around heroes bringing a message and offering a path for more power. He will be of great help for Gustavos the Triton and will ultimately lead him to becoming a Vovin, just like him. Together, they will presume they will be able to reach Chaos, locked within Hydros, and will at least uncover the secret behind the godhood of the Macabraics.

However, like the meaning of the first phrase of this description tells, Charon has been known to be relentless and often uncaring, and that has led many heroes to their downfall, so he's a symbol of fall and defeat for the few who knows him.
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