Chateran Character Design Sketchdump Picture

I have been dead to the internet while on vacation and checking out my new housing situation in preparation of going to the Rhode Island School of Design this fall. But I have not been dead to creativity.

If you hadn't seen me yelling all over Twitter and Facebook: I JUST FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE CHATERAN SERIES: BOOK TWO! *flails like a worm being tickled* Ahem. I've also been working on the designs of the major characters, in preparation of the chapter illustrations.

Brief explanation, in a more or less left to right, top to bottom order:

~ Carrick and Faie
~ Cunmnaa, new antagonist for the series introduced in this book. She fascinates me in a frightening way. (Oh, there's also some Rûd heads down there)
~ Kelpies, both horse and humanoid forms. Tip: Avoid them in either form.
~ Carlailie fluff
~ Various sketches of Carrick and Thlailie
~ Tsarra, a new protagonist, and her father, and Rûd being angsty
~ Various sketches of Tsarra by herself
~ Princess Rhea's eldest brother, Reglann
~ Oh sweet marmalade on toast, Carrick has cheekbones when he has short hair
~ Sketches of Thlailie

Learn more about The Chateran Series here:

More art for Book Two:

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All art and characters are © TheyNamedHerRheulea/S. J. Aisling
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