Beast! Picture

He used to be part of a non crime fighting duo, "Gimpy and the Beast." Gimpy was a runt and no longer with us. Gimpy and the Beast were members of the first clutch of eggs I ever hatched. I had to hatch Gimpy myself because she couldn't break the shell. It is a surreal thing to watch life erupt into what we perceive as awareness.

Gimpy is a mixling. A cross between Rhode Island Red and D'Uccle. Most of the hatchlings in our area come from one prolific D'Uccle who unwisely hates me and bites the hand that feeds.

Beast is the rusty rooster. I should have named him Red-Comb, after the ruddy cock said to stand watch over Helheim's gates in Norse Mythology. But I didn't. 'Cuz I'm a jackass.

'Ol Beastie:………

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