Cynric Rhodes: 1873 "photo" Picture

So, for our final "take-home" project of Drawing 101, we were supposed to invent an artist that would act as our "alter-ego."
We could either be the artist, or be some historian just talking about the artist for the presentation. I presented as the "historian," and all I'm going to say about it is "things didn't go according to plan."
The whole point of the project (as I saw it) was to invent an artist (not art student) with an ego we didn't feel like we had to defend. Then make a few pieces "they" had made, so our audience would get an idea for their style.

But anyway,
I was having a really hard time coming up with the kind of artist I wanted to invent -- knowing that whatever kind of art they made, I'd have to make.
So I decided I'd start by developing the person, then see what kind of art a person like that might create.

By the time I'd thought of that, it would have taken me too long to start completely from scratch, so I decided to recycle this old character of mine, Cynric Rhodes.
Cynric is/was my only vampire character, who's sort of faded over the years, but has always been sort of around.
The only thing I've kept from the original Cynric is his name and hairstyle. *lol*

For this project he's been revived as a Victorian biologist who collected insects and animals for study and experimentation.

[what I wanted to explain in my presentation]

"Cynric Rhodes was born in 1845, and was murdered in 1873.
He grew up in Dover, England, and went to boarding school in Toulouse, France.
His mother, Annette, was French, and his father, Richard, was English.
He was the middle child of five, with three sisters and a baby brother, who died at 2.
He spoke English and French fluently, and could also speak Italian, German, and Swedish.
He could play the piano/harpsichord, and violin well, and knew how to play the cello, clarinet, and French horn decently.
He lived in London, Venice, and Paris, and toured most of Europe, and New England, USA.

Cynric liked wine and silence, and disliked alcohol and women.
He wrote that the experience of wine was more important than the aftereffects,
and that silence and women could never be in the same room at the same time.
He was interested in geology, psychology, psychiatry, anatomy, mythology and folklore,
and he collected insects and rocks.
Over his lifetime, Cynric owned over 100 live animals, which included more than 50 different species of spiders and moths, and several exotics including a hooded crow, a bat, and a red squirrel.

Cynric's artistic career mostly revolved around his pets and biology-related research, in the form of charcoal sketches and watercolor studies. Cynric was never known to do human portraiture."

Sketches from Cynric's journals: [link] [link] [link] [link]

[end presentation]

This drawing is supposed to be like an old-timey photograph from the 1870s, since Cynric didn't do any portraiture.
I was surprised that I was the only one who actually did a portrait of my made-up artist.

Guh. I never got his eyes right...
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