Daring Daughters of Poseidon Picture

Well, I've been wanting to put this up for awhile. I've been writing my Lady of the Sea story for awhile, and then I decided to do this, Poseidon and Amphitrite's three daughters. In mythology, they had four children together, these three lovely ladies, and Triton, known for having a fish's tail and often working alongside his father. I tried to give each of them a distinct look for their personalities while still keeping with the sea theme.

Benthesikyme-the eldest daughter, Benthe, isn't really mentioned a whole lot in mythology. Poseidon's daughters usually aren't. They're not nearly as famous as their brother. However, it is mentioned that Benthesikyme was a goddess of the waves and married an Ethiopian king, Enalos. She had two daughters with him. Of the girls, she's the most like her father. Like him she is fairly laid back, playful, occasionally lazy, and cares fiercely for her family. With her, I tried to go for a traditional deep sea look of blues and greens.

Rhode-the second daughter, Rhode is considered the most beautiful of her sisters, despite their parents making sure that none of them think one of more beautiful than the others. She probably acts the most like her mother, quiet and reserved, but far more shy. She married the god Helios, despite the affection of Apollo who went so far as to name the island of Rhodes after her. However, her heart belonged to Helios and so he was the one she married. With her I went for more a coral-ish and very feminine look.

Kymopoleia-the youngest daughter, Kymopoleia is the most hot-headed and probably most embodies the sea's tempestuous nature. It is believed she was a goddess of violent storms. She is the rambunctious, ambitious, and tenacious one of her family. While occasionally her temper can be problematic, her father and Benthe can usually manage to calm her. She married the hundred handed giant, Briareos, one of the Hekantonkheries. She will be fun to write about as Poseidon's most difficult little daughter. I was trying to make her outfit look like a seashell and just the right amount of tomboyish and femininity.

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