Childern of the Underworld Picture

(For those don't know You can see Persephone in Hercules. But she didn't have any big role in the film)

My favorite Greek mythology story X3

Cameo, Greek for 'Shadow Portrait', is Hades' pride and joy as he watches over the Underworld. He's very shy for some reason.
Rhodes, Greek for 'Roses', has the Earth power inherited from both his mother and Grandmother. He and his younger sister leave up on the surface.
Ptolemys, Greek for 'Warlike', is the apple of his father's eye. Ptolemys is a VERY big trouble maker!
Macaria, Greek for 'Happy', is the cheerful and fun loving daughter. Hades is very protective of her, even still with her leaving the underworld with her brother.

Rhodes and Macaria both have pink skin. Macaria's skin changes when she's between worlds.

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