Homestuck OC: Eqra Rhodes Picture

It so happens that your creator is so very frustrated with you and you just stand there like you don't give anything todeal with. So frustrated because you are very a HARD CHARACTER TO FIGURE OUT since there is the mini-sprite form something that she is trying to perfect it. Also, she gives you the name RHODES which she thought that the pronounciation is "RO-DESS" but it turns out to be pronounce
d as "RODES" but she actually doesn't care on how it is pronounced as long as it has the limitation up to 7 letters but it's 6 and it start with the letter "R" and she kinda has a thing for "R" with "O" in it, not really a thing but she just likes it. After giving your last name she is trouble with your first but alas, and by alas she used the word as context, she gave you a name that is nice. Yes, nice.

Your name is ELLE RHODES. The creator wants it to be ETHEL but no, SELENE, but no, and ROSS TAYLOR but no. No because she found out from she SEARCHED FROM GOOGLE that a guy took it and she doesn’t know on who he is. But now she changed it into EQRA, she got it from a LOVELY TALENTED ARTIST which is
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