Rhode rum Picture

Ah, yes, I'm finally posting an artwork. XP This girl was designed for the WWF (not the wrestling federation) marine character design competition, but the closing date's tomorrow, and I doubt I can complete it in time( with colours and all), so, yeah, i 'm posting it. it's probably kinda stupid to post my design BEFORE the closing date, but I just feel like it.

I hope I don't regret this. :/

Rum is supposed to look like an angelfish. Her costume is pirate-ish+ coral-ish and I also made the design to look flowy and (hopefully) angelfish like. I do hope I can colour her one day just to see how it turns out. BUT I'M LAZY. REALLY LAZY. maybe I'll get someone to do it for me ....huhuhuhuh.....Kai~~!>>
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