Goddesses Picture

Yet another redo piece, done because I had changed my style and the way I ink since the last one. I also gave Persephone a civilian form, since it seemed only right and natural that I include that instead to show how really different these two are. Of course, I have actually since redesigned Aphrodite's outfit, but at the time, this was accurate.

I love the idea behind Persephone's civilian form. I see her as a reserved sort of goddess, one who doesn't shove her immortality in your face. She's still like that when she goes to the surface, but due tot he duality of her realm of influence, she becomes bright and bubbly. Aphrodite, on the other hand...pretty much stays the same no matter where she is. She's not a bad goddess...except where Psyche is concerned. Then everything's up in the air.
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