Spring Pilgrimage Picture

Ashurei on his way home to the temple.

He's a priest in one of my Magiisenc short stories who was born with partial albinism (no hair pigment, and pale blue eyes). His parents left him at the temple as a baby, fearing he would grow up to be a demon, or at the least a burden on the family. Ashurei was adopted by the monks, and became an EarthMage.
He keeps his hair long both to shield his eyes, and to keep the "unearthly" appearance that keeps would-be baddies away from the temple.

Sketched this out by hand a long time ago, and just got the idea to scan it and pixel it a few weeks ago. THIS is the reason i've been slacking off posting anything else, i've been working on this thing on and off for almost 2 weeks now.

Done entirely by hand in MS Paint, with much, much BLATANT abuse of the spraycan tool. The spraycan is your frieeend.....

ahem, yeah, anyhoo, it's done, and it's pretty, and i'm becoming a bit of a digital masochist in my old age. The pixels are my pain, and yet my pleasure... now excuse me, my mouse-hand needs an ice-pack, and i need a tylenol, and maybe a psych eval to figure out WHY i keep making the BIG pixel pics instead of something smaller.

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